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Economic Downturn! - Tough Decisions During Tough Times

During these economic times it may be tempting to dissolve existing entities that may not currently be profitable or operational.  It may be appealing to avoid the annual filing fees and preparing the annual tax returns.  It may be tempting to hold off on organizing your business as a corporation or limited-liability company.  Although there may be cost advantages to shutting down a company or delaying organizing to protect your personal assets, there may also be significant overriding risks to these decisions.

Sales - It's a Process, Not an Event

It is said that only 5% of the people in America can or want to sell. Yet those 5% drive the revenue for the rest of us. Learn a few tricks to make the selling process simple and even enjoyable.

10 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Website

Small Business, Big Business, or Non-profit, every business needs a website in this information age. Learn the importance of a website, from marketing to sales, and even customer service.

Business Plans - Your Roadmap to Success

Is a Business Plan essential to your success? Absolutely if you want to know where your business is heading or if you plan on raising capital.



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