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Business Entity Comparison, C-Corp vs. S-Corp
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Business Guides

business guidesAt CenterPoint Corporate Services, we understand that starting and running a business takes more than just an entrepreneurial spirit, skill, tenacity and capital. It also takes knowledge. We know that many people who start their own business have an expertise in their field, but may need some help with the running of the business.

The business guides that will appear on this page are designed to help you build your knowledge base on critical business aspects such as: Marketing and Sales, Accounting, Management, Fulfillment, Customer Service and so much more.

CenterPoint Corporate Services isn’t just the place for you to form your Corporation or Limited Liability Company; it’s your center for information and resources to gain the knowledge you need to help make your business successful.

CenterPoint Business Guides:

Check back frequently as we will be adding additional information on a regular basis.