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Company formation, Asset protection
and tax planning from CenterPoint

At CENTERPOINT CORPORATE SERVICES, Inc. we take your asset protection, privacy and tax planning strategies very seriously. We leave nothing to chance. With our turnkey solution, you provide the necessary information, we make sure that your Limited Liability Company (LLC),
C Corporation, or S Corporation documents are prepared correctly and filed accurately. Discover the
CenterPoint Difference.

Asset Protection, Privacy Protection and Tax Planning Strategies
with an LLC or Corporation 

Complete Solution – Fulfilling your business strategies requires far more than just filing your organizational documents. Whether your goals are Asset Protection, Tax Planning or Privacy Protection, these can be jeopardized when a company fails to organize and manage itself properly. The appropriate documents must be executed and filed and the company must function as an entity separate and apart from the owner of the business. Annual meetings need to be held and reports filed. Major business activities must be documented. Financial resources and assets cannot be co-mingled. CenterPoint Corporate Services facilitates these critical elements in order to create and maintain a strong corporate shield to help you achieve your business goals.

The Experience You Need – As a Nevada licensed attorney specializing in Corporate Law, our founder has been helping people form and maintain their businesses for over 17 years. CenterPoint Corporate Services was formed as a response to a need voiced by accountants, attorneys and business professionals for a more comprehensive and professional asset protection, privacy or tax planning solution for achieving their business goals.

Clients Not Customers – At CenterPoint Corporate Services, we build long term relationships with our clients. We assign you a personal client representative to work with you on the formation and maintenance of your business. We track the important dates and notify you so that you can be sure to meet all of your annual filings.

Full Service Company – Whatever your needs: Forming a Corporation or Limited Liability Company, Registered Agent Services, Company Headquarters, Management Services, or simply making sure all the statutory filings are made on time, CenterPoint Corporate Services has you covered - every time.

Centerpoint Corporate Services for Asset Protection and Tax Planning Strategies