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Why CenterPoint Corporate Services?

The Professional's ChoiceAs a Nevada licensed attorney specializing in Corporate Law, our founder has been helping people form and maintain their businesses for over 17 years. We pride ourselves in providing a level of service that business professionals can confidently recommend to their clients. Attorneys, accountants and financial planners have been the backbone of our success. Now you too can have access to a highly professional level of service as you form and maintain your company.

trustThoroughnessOur focus is to ensure that your business is formed correctly. We don’t leave that to chance and we don’t leave out important documents that are necessary for building a strong foundation for your company’s future success. Our online information gathering system provides us with all the information that we need to help you prepare your business organizational documents. Your personal client representative reviews your documents before they are filed to ensure accuracy. We know that the “devil is in the details” and that effectively implementing your organizational strategy is a result of careful attention to those details.

ExperienceOur founder is a Nevada corporate business attorney. Some companies would have you believe that this is a disadvantage. We like to think that our clients want the people they trust with their business to be professional and knowledgeable in the areas for which they are hired. At CenterPoint Corporate Services, we understand that the business world is dynamic and changing, and that our clients rely on our experience to present them with the information they need to make the best decisions for themselves and their business.

Clients not CustomersStarting your business is just a first step. CenterPoint is not interested in just selling you a product. We are committed to working with you over the years as you build your business to ever greater levels of success. Our services are designed to help you take full advantage of the benefits that a C-Corporation,
S-Corporation or LLC has to offer. Whether it’s making sure that the annual filing requirements are met in a timely manner, providing your business with Company Headquarters in Nevada, helping you to qualify your business in all
of the states where you conduct business, or being your Registered Agent, we are here to be your partner.

Commitment to ExcellenceWe know its cliché, but at CenterPoint, we believe in a “high tech / high touch” approach to business. Sure we utilize the latest technology to expedite our business processes. Yes, we protect your personal data against identity theft with secure document pickup and delivery. However, our commitment to excellence and customer care extends beyond technology to make sure our clients receive the highest quality of personal service. You won’t get lost in an automated phone attendant; a real live person answers the phone. Your personal client representative knows your name and understands your business needs. Notifications of important upcoming events are personally conveyed to you. We believe that it is important for people to do business with people, not just machines.

PricingWe believe when you compare the content of our packages and our pricing, you will find our prices are the best in the industry. Our packages are comprehensive, offering all the documents you need to successfully form your business. Our standard package is designed for those people who are working with legal advisors who will complete the organizational documents that are unique to your business. Our Premium package is a turnkey solution for those who want to leverage our knowledge and experience. Each of our products and services are openly priced on the order form; there are no hidden costs. We even offer a complete a la carte menu for those business owners that want to build a custom solution.

CenterPoint Corporate Services offers quality products and services for the business professional who understands the value of a comprehensive solution geared toward business success.