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How We Do It

We Prepare Your Documents for You – Let’s face it, you are probably not an expert in the formation of Corporations or LLCs, so why would you want to risk preparing your documents yourself? You shouldn’t. At CenterPoint Corporate Services, we gather all of your pertinent information and prepare your documents for you. This way we can ensure that the documents are properly completed before they are filed.

Online Information Gathering – Once you determine which business entity is right for you, you will have the option to choose from one of several packages. After you have made that decision, we will prepare a questionnaire for you to complete. From this questionnaire, we will have the information we need to prepare your organizational documents for you. You can complete this questionnaire in one session or, if you prefer, save your work and complete it later. Additionally we have a PDF version of the questionnaire that you can print and take the time to formulate your answers offline before you input your answers online.

Document Preparation and Review – As soon as you have completed the online questionnaire, your personal client representative will review your responses and prepare your organizational documents. These documents will then be double checked for accuracy to ensure that there are no errors. Then your personal client representative will make your organizational documents available to you in your CenterPoint Document Vault™ for your review and signature where needed.

Filing – Your organizational documents (e.g., Articles of Incorporation or Organization) are filed with the Secretary of State. Immediately upon receiving your filed organizational documents from the State, we will place an electronic copy in your CenterPoint Document Vault™ for your access, and notify you of their availability.

Completion – The balance of your organizational documents such as the Bylaws, Operating Agreement, Business License and Organizational Minutes will be available for you to pick up, print and execute from your CenterPoint Document Vault™. When you return the signed documents to us, we will place the final copies in the vault as well, so you can view and download them at any time. We can accept the signed documents either via fax, e-mail with a scanned copy attached, or by U.S. Postal Service.

Electronic Pickup and Delivery – Your organizational documents are delivered electronically to your CenterPoint Document Vault™ section of your My Account page on www.centerpointcorporate.com. We use this method of delivery to ensure that your personal information is protected. Your CenterPoint Document Vault™ is a secure location that is only accessible to you with your login and password. In an era of Identity Theft we want to ensure that you are protected.